Cesarean Birth Photography - St George Utah

A lot of ladies might think "I really don't need a birth photographer because I'm having a scheduled C-section. I'm not pushing or anything so there's not much to take pictures of."

Well I object! There's so much to take pictures of! I met Tiesha previously before her scheduled C-section and we talked about why she wanted photos/video (video was most important to her!)

She said that with her first child, the labor and delivery because so traumatic and long that she would have forgotten everything that when on, except for the fact that they had a video! So a video of this birth was really important to her!

We knew this was going to be scheduled so we talked about what she wanted covered and what was most important to her.

She was really excited for her little girl to meet her new baby sister! So that was really important for me to capture! She also wanted coverage of their first skin to skin bonding!

These consultations not only help us become acquainted with each other (no one wants a complete stranger at their birth!!) But also for me to make SURE I get what is important to you!

Birth is such a whirlwind of emotions and happenings (signing all those papers, am I right?!) These photos & video help cement those super special, once-in-a-lifetime moments in your mind forever!

Please enjoy the video of Tiesha's c-section birth!

(ps: here in Southern Utah, photographers are not allowed in the operating room. But Ryan (Daddy) snapped a few in there and forwarded them to me to include them in the video!)

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