Corona Virus & Birth Photography

I have to admit that it is a little crazy in the world right now. Things are getting cancelled left and right and it's weird to me.

I commend the United States government and local governments for taking actions to help smooth out the ride that the Corona Virus is going to take us on.

I know these steps are necessary to help the hospitals to not be ferociously overwhelmed and not be able to help many.

With that being said, birth is a hard journey. And I don't think women should be stripped of their decision of who to include in their labor and delivery journey. Right now the policy is that only 2 visitors (spouse included) are allowed in the birthing space.

That means that the birthing person needs to choose between having a doula or having a birth photographer.

I totally understand why a doula is so important during labor but I think a birth photographer is also important!

In a letter put out by the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers, they quote some research done in Psychotherapy:

The utilization of the photographic stimulus has been consistently associated with improvements of emotional, cognitive, and expressive abilities at the individual, group, or community level. Empirical evidence confirms how images can facilitate the communication of thoughts and emotions without the limitation of verbal language, which then contributes to overcome challenges or difficulties some individuals may experience

I am delivering in full, this letter to the Labor and Delivery Management today in hopes that they can see how important each of these roles are.

But it is also important for you, the birthing mother, to advocate for yourself!

Also keep in mind there are other options that giving birth in the hospital, if situations permit, and I can point you in the direction of some great resources!

You can read the letter in full here.

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