Corona Virus - Tips for pictures in the Hospital

My heart is breaking for the mamas who have hired a birth photographer, only to have them not be able to come to the hospital to capture this amazing experience!

Now here are some tips for great photos during labor and delivery and the first 48 hours after birth. (Most likely this will be dad’s job so make sure to go over these tips with dad!)

*Don’t use flash

- this creates harsh shadows and ruins the “spontaneity” of the moment

*Take pictures during the day if possible

-That natural window light is the bomb!

*Turn off the hospital light when possible!

-if during the day, that will help your light come from 1 source (the window) instead of lots of sources, making lots of weird shadows. If it’s night, turn on 1 strategic light so your light is coming from 1 source!

*”Expose” for your subject

-when using your phone, you can tap on your mom’s (or dad’s) face to tell your phone to make that spot look right for the camera. This will help if you have something that is either super dark or super light in the picture. Your phone will try and make EVERYTHING look even unless you tell it to!

*Rotate to the light

-I mentioned window light earlier. It will be best if mom could face the light OR have it come from 90 degrees to her side. This will all depend on where the PICTURE TAKER is standing.

*Ask the nurse

-Ask one of the nurses to take a picture of the 3 of you! This will be so precious to you later! Make sure to tell her where to stand to take advantage of the light!

*Get the details

- the room number, a wide shot of the entire hospital room, baby’s lips and toes! These details are HARD to remember later, so it’s nice to have them.

*be realistic

- this is a big moment for your family and everyone is trying to be as present as possible. Don’t be too bummed if you didn’t get “a moment” in a picture

If you have any questions or need any help at all, please ASK! I can’t be there physically right now but I’m so happy to help in ANY way that I can!

Please email me if you need help editing your photos!!

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