Is birth photography worth the money?

I’ve been active in birth photography for the last couple years, so it can be hard for me to remember that some people – that's you mama (and dad too!) – aren’t as familiar with it as I am. Here’s what I’ve learned in my years as a birth photographer.

Birth is beautiful.

I know that everything we see and experience concerning birth growing up teaches us that birth is a gross and ugly and scary part of life.

But I firmly believe that it's the exact opposite. Birth is a miracle and it's beautiful and that's what I capture.

Delivering a baby isn't easy, that's for sure. That's why they call it labor. But is so beautiful seeing a mama bring her baby into her arms!

Every birth is different.

Because each baby is different, no two birth stories are the same - even if both of those stories are yours! I love seeing what makes your birth unique and different to show to you later. Because Mom's are so focused (of course) they can sometimes miss the amazing things that happen!

You never know what will happen! I’ve photographed all kinds of births (homebirth, hospital birth, VBAC, c-section…you get the idea) and yet I’m still in awe at every birth. That’s why I do what I do. I offer all-inclusive birth photography so my moms can relax, focus and enjoy the birth – and then look at the pictures later to see how truly amazing it was. But hiring someone to photograph a birth is a big thing. An intimate thing. I know.  It’s a big decision. So let me answer some questions many moms have. What if you miss my birth? The chances of that are incredibly low. I take a limited number of births per month to avoid overlap. If something extraordinary happens, I have backup who will cover for me. We also discuss your birth history in detail at your birth consultations and discuss when to call when you’re in labor. I haven't missed a birth yet! (knock on wood!)

What is a birth photography package? Obviously this varies by photographer, but what I offer is:

  • A one-on-one consultation so we can get to know each other before your birth.

  • My services on call, 24/7 starting at the 37 week mark.

  • Unlimited time at your birth, from active labor until that beautiful baby is born.

  • Staying through that "Golden Hour" to capture those first bonding moments

  • digital images of your birth.

Are the photos graphic?

I ALWAYS ask my mamas what they are comfortable with. If you want me to stay at the head of the bed...DONE! If you want photos of everything, I'll make sure you get them! We'll discuss in detail at your consultation what your comfort level is!

Will my photos end up online? Not unless you want them to! I never share photos without the express permission of my client. If you’d prefer to keep your photos all to yourself, that’s exactly what we’ll do. Birth photography is expensive! It is definitely an investment! I will stay at your birth for however long you’re in active labor through 1 hours after birth. I’ve been at births for 3 hours or up to 9 hours! Birth is unpredictable and I do not put a limit on the time I spend photographing your birth. Also, these memories are so similar to your wedding. You plan and plan for your wedding day, and then it’s over in just a few hours. You have the photos to help you relive those moments! I have so many moms who tell me (after they’ve given birth) that there were so many things they forgot about, or didn’t know happened.

In a survey I did on my Instagram, 91% of my followers said that having a baby was more life changing than getting married! Wouldn't you want such a life changing moment documented? Maybe I should just have my doula, husband or mother take photos? Most of the doulas I work with offer to take photos as they can, but their main priority is taking care of the family throughout labor. Photos are an afterthought for your doula. A birth photographer is solely there to take photos, that is my job! Your mom and your husband are so emotionally involved in the day, they will likely forget they have a camera in their hand! 🙂 My friend is a wedding photographer, and she’s offered to take photos of my birth. You want a photographer who is familiar with birth and photographing birth. There are so many unknowns when it comes to birth. I know what to look for. I’m ready to capture emotion, I’m ready for changing light conditions and I know standard practices with many hospitals and midwives.

I also know when it’s appropriate to take photos, and when it’s not. I understand labor enough to capture the moments you want without disturbing you in labor or after birth.

I don’t want a stranger in the room. I won’t be a stranger for long! We will meet AT LEAST once before your birth, usually twice. I offer free birth consultations so you can meet me before you hire me. It’s so important you feel comfortable with those in your birth space! If you have any other questions at all about birth photography, book that free consultation with me! We can sit down and talk about your concerns, answer any questions, or just chat about birth photography!  

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