Kasey's Maternity Journey | St. George Maternity Photographer

"3 weeks after deciding to try for a baby and leaving it up to fate, I took a pregnancy test. It was early morning and I was very tired, so I couldn't quite tell if there was a second pink line or not. I took the test out to my husband and asked if he could see something. The consensus was that there were indeed 2 lines. A digital test the next day confirmed it!"

"My 4 year old spilled the beans to my parents ("Mom has a baby, but it's a secret and I can't tell you."). We just told everyone in a facebook video message after that."

We all know that pregnancy cravings happen. This is what Kasey was craving this pregnancy: "Pickles, turkey subs, Mexican food, citrus, pepperoni pizza"

Do you know the gender?

"It's a boy! We own an elective ultrasound business so we started looking as soon as we could. We kept it quiet for about 4 weeks, then after going public with the news, I made a lava cake filled with blue ganache. We had a few friends over, filmed us cutting the cake and watching the blue flow out."

What is your favorite thing about Pregnancy?

"Feeling the baby move, watching the baby grow with ultrasounds, and honestly, the labor and delivery. It's so grounding, yet surreal. I've never felt anything like it any other time in my life."

What's your least favorite thing about pregnancy?

"The fatigue and aches. I love to be active and having to tone things down is very hard for me."

What are you most looking forward too?

"Labor! I love doing something totally awesome and incredible and then having people take care of me and bring me food while I relax and snuggle my newborn all day."

How is your spouse feeling about this pregnancy?

"He's loving it. He is very vocal about how much he appreciates me for everything I go through to make this happen and he's supportive in every way. He loves feeling my belly and talking to baby. It's nice to have him be just as excited as I am!"

Are there any fun stories about your pregnancy you want to share?

"Before we'd considered having another, I signed up for a power lifting competition at the end of the year. Of course, a few months later, I was pregnant and I decided to keep training for my meet. I've lifted and exercised through every pregnancy, so this was nothing new, but the competition gave me a plan and purpose, especially through the mental and physical swamp that is the first trimester. I did my competition at 18 weeks pregnant. I didn't have high expectations or anything, but it ended being one of my best so far! I even took first in my weight class!"

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