Modesty in a Birth?? Is it Possible? | Southern Utah Birth Photographer

Let’s just start this off by saying that all women’s bodies, no matter their size, shape, or weight are BEAUTIFUL and nothing to be ashamed of! I think that beauty is enhanced in the birthing room. It’s enhanced by the power that is being exuded by the laboring woman.

So a LOT of people usually cringe when birth photography is mentioned because, “I don’t want to see THAT!” or “I don’t want someone all up in my business!”

Well that’s great! I’m not there to capture that! I’m there to capture the emotions and the feelings in the room. I’m not there to capture vaginas and nipples.

Think of what you want to remember from that day: dad’s face as his baby is born; Mom when she gets to hold her baby for the first time; Dad cutting the cord.

Those are all moments that can be captured without Nudity. And you can stay completely modest. Even if you choose to forgo the ugly hospital gowns and just labor in your bra or completely nude. I can capture the moments without showing any of your “business”.

Why I choose to not show nudity:

I actually love birth photos that show nudity. I just see all the raw and primal POWER that the woman is radiating. And if you want to see some awesome birth photos you need to check out austinbithphotos. I love her feed. It is tastefully done.

Now let’s get into why I choose NOT to show nudity on my feed. And honestly, it’s my audience. I know that in the area that I live and the people who are my clients, they wouldn’t want to be scrolling instagram and then see a crowning baby (although I marvel at those pictures). I know they are very reserved and modest themselves. And I know that I can create a beautiful feed, and show how beautiful birth can be without nudity.

Does that mean that I don’t take ANY shots that show nipples or vaginas? Well actually that’s up to you! And leads me to my next point:

Consultation! Consultation! Consultation!

EVERY person that hires me as a birth photographer will do a consultation with me. Most of the time it’s in person, but sometimes it has to be via a phone call or even just texting.

We go over important moments that you are specifically wanting captured. We also talk about the things that need to happen when you’re in labor to make sure that I make it there in time. But I ALWAYS ask how you feel about crowning shots. That is the moment when the baby’s head is just coming out. Usually just before that beautiful babe is placed on your chest. I always let my client know that these pictures would be just for them and they can place a password on those images so that no one else will be able to see them.

And every answer is always different. Most mom’s are curious and say, “Yeah, I’d like a few of those just for me.” Some mom’s say, “Ya know, I don’t really want any of those”

And I’ve even had a couple mom’s say: “I don’t even let my husband down there, so definitely not.”

And there’s no harm done. It’s your birth story. So you get to call the shots so to speak.

If you want me to just stay by the head of the bed….DONE! I usually step out during cervical checks to give you your privacy too! I respect your privacy above anything else! But with that being said, I have seen a naked woman before (several actually) and if it doesn’t bother you then that’s great. Like I said before: CONSULTATION, CONSULTATION, CONSULTATION!

So to wrap it all up:

Don’t let the thought of someone taking a picture of you naked hold you back from hiring a birth photographer. It isn’t about all that. It’s about you bringing a precious new life into this world! Your husband can just be in that moment and focus on you and your new baby.

Every birth is different. And every birth deserves to be captured.

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