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I can still remember the first birth that I attended that wasn't one where I was doing the pushing! It was so beautiful! I cried! Such a miracle! I remember it so well but what I don't remember as well is the beautiful miracle of birthing my own children.

Couples focus so much on the before and after of pregnancy, capturing images of the bump and then baby at a week or two of age. But not enough attention is given to the labor aspect of their child's story. I have now photographed ten births and with each experience I have grown more in love with birth photography. Every mama should have beautiful pictures of her journey bringing her child into this world, to look back on and remember all that she has accomplished. 

If you need a little more of a nudge here are three reasons you need a birth photographer:

1. You forget.

It is actually common for mothers to not remember the hours before and after their child's delivery, and thank heavens for this because along with being beautiful, labor and delivery is also painful! Seeing photographs preserves these memories, helps you to relive moments and remember how you were feeling at a specific part of your birth experience.

2. Fathers should be in photos not taking them.

Dad is just as much a part of the labor experience and should be able to participate 100%. Let him be a part of the memories, not capturing it. This also goes for other family members as well! My mom isn't in any of my birth photos because she was taking all of them!

3. To have photographs of moments, details and expressions you may miss because you are occupied.

During labor you are so focused on yourself and bringing your baby into the world, just as you should be, that you miss a lot of the other things taking place around you. Having a photographer at your delivery helps you to experience these events without having to actively participate in them.

These are moments your are never going to get back! In a way, you are freezing time and keeping them small by capturing images of their birth! We know that all moms wish that their babies would stop growing up!

One of my favorite things is seeing a sibling meet their new brother or sister! The Joy! The wonder! The puzzlement! haha!

I cannot tell you the times I have had a mother tell me that her birth photos/video surprised her at how much she forgot! One mother told me that her birth video actually helped her cope with her Post-Partum Depression! This is something that you NEED!

Now for the most Exciting News!

I am looking for FIVE (5) Mamas who are interested in having this type of Photography and Videography done as models to be some of the first birth stories!

Here are the details:

Normally priced at $850 for the entire birth Story, we are offering a HUGE DISCOUNT to our model mamas which include:

*24/7 on call from 37 weeks, day or night

*Unlimited time at your birth, from active labor until you deliver. I also stay up to 2 hours after deliver to capture first moments.

*Fully Edited Online Gallery with Printing rights

*Custom Birth Story VIDEO!


Apply Here!

The Discounts are as follows:

First 3 Mamas: 60% off the entire Birth Package - $340

Next 2 Mamas: 45% off the entire Birth Package - $468

If you are having a home birth you will get an additional 15% off!!!


Apply Now!

Criteria for Model Birth Mama:

*Expecting December 2019 - May 2020

*Live within 2 Hour driving distance of Hurricane, Ut

*Be willing to sign a Model release

*Must not have already hired someone for birth photo/video coverage

*Have a deep desire to document and treasure the wonderful miracle of birth!

This discount isn't going to be around forever so make sure and get those applications in! Deadline for Applications is December 30th 2019 at 11:59 Pm.

Sound great? Awesome! I can't wait to meet you and talk about the wonderful plans you have for your birth!!

Fill out the Form Here!

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