St George Birth Photographer | Baby E

Susie was nervous. This was going to be her first un-medicated delivery and I can TOTALLY understand how that goes!

The feel of the room started off very chill and relaxed. Susie had some work that she HAD to turn in at the end of month and seeing as how it was the 2nd to last day, she tried to squeeze it in.

After a little bit she had to put her work away because the contractions started up. And that is when her cheerleading squad started arriving. Susie is part of a book club that has grown so close. As a matter of face their first book that they ever read together was The Red Tent which is about women helping other women give birth so it seemed fitting. Susie has made the decision about inviting someone who has never seen a birth to attend one of her deliveries. Almost all of the gals in her book club had never SEEN one, so she invited them all. She never expected them to all be able to make it! (and not all of them did, but quite a few were there!)

All of the sudden she felt pressure and the nurse ran for the on call doctor.

Beautiful Boy was born and everyone in the room was feeling very emotional. Susie looked amazing and was just glowing!

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